Hello bagel lovers!

Happy New Year to you all from us at Chef Mama! Now jump into 2023 with Gusto! With Excitement! With Zest! Lemon Zest, to be precise 🍋 🥯

The deliciously unique Lemon Poppy Seed Bagel is packed full of lemony juice, zest, and poppy seeds, and is finished with a dusting of lemon sugar.

Lemon poppy seed is available to order by the single, half dozen, or dozen.

This month, we are also moving into our new bakery location in Malmö! We will of course still operate our digital bakery as usual as we set up the bakery, and begin testing new tasty American-inspired baked goods!

As always we are shipping out Monday through Wednesday all over Sweden and have local pickups in Malmö every weekday. The only thing that will change eventually is the pickup location, but for now, it remains the same.

So start the year off right and restock your pantries or freezers with your favorite flavors! 🥯

Thank you all and I wish you a warm, happy, love-filled zesty 2023. 🎉🎆💛

Let's get zesty!

Lemon Poppy Seed Bagels

Order Lemon Poppy Seed Bagels

Chef Mama’s Lemon Poppy Seed bagels go extremely well toasted + smeared with cream cheese. 👌

As with each and every one of my bagels, they will be baked NY-style for that special crunchy and chewy texture.

Order them on weekdays before 9 AM and you’ll be able to pick them up the same day in Malmö, or order before 8 PM the day before a bake day to be sent out for delivery to anywhere in Sweden the next day.

I hope you enjoy! ✌️


Chef Mama