Hello bagel lovers!

This month, prepare to get spicy and cheesy with our legendary Jalapeño Cheese bagels. 🌶🧀🥯

The bagel dough is infused and topped with a healthy dose of hot Jalapeño peppers, combined with yummy Parmesan cheese to keep things warm and tasty on these sometimes brutally cold and bleak winter days.

Enjoy Chef Mama’s Bagel Flavor of the Month for December!

Let's get spicy & cheesy

Jalapeño Cheese Bagels

Order Jalapeño Cheese Bagels

Chef Mama’s Jalapeño Cheese bagels go extremely well toasted + smeared with cream cheese. 👌

As with each and every one of my bagels, they will be baked NY-style for that special crunchy and chewy texture.

Order them on weekdays before 9 AM and you’ll be able to pick them up the same day in Malmö, or order before 8 PM the day before a bake day to be sent out for delivery to anywhere in Sweden the next day.

I hope you enjoy the Jalapeño Cheese bagel! ✌️🌶🧀


Chef Mama